Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eradicate the virus without Anti Virus...

Virus, all people would know it but the law would complete explanation clay of the old post I wrote, yes, There Sekalian tuh Promotions, he2x .. actually eradicate the virus without any anti-virus is not a difficult thing. Viruses now mostly cuman cuman passengers hanging out of his passengers laying term, he2x.

Here is my maw love little knowledge I have to teman2 in this virtual world. Actually remove this virus without an anti-virus by using this you will know gimana sih a virus maker uses it in making logika2 virus. Viruses typically consist of the Mamak (Mother Virus) n Si Son, he2x Well here we have used is to Exterminate the Mamak Mamak because the one who has full power if it's easy anak2 we ntar ga Exterminate if there mamak, usually at he2x The Mamak Local viruses often hang out on our Windows.

Ah ah ntar udah many explanations Bored again .. he2x. I immediately wrote a little jelasin Tips to Remove Virus Without Anti Virus.

* Open Regedit but it is my suggestion you back up or save to go, there ntar takut2 other problems ..

* Come HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ MICROSOFT \ WINDOWS \ CurrentVersion \ Run (Liat Left side). HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ MICROSOFT \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run (Left side View). Here is where the first x aplikasi2 run by a windows virus usually hang out in here.

* So here you have to carefully and thoroughly to find out it was a virus or not but you just have to be afraid of strange clay hal2 who wrote this road Nootepad.exe and reegedit.exe that includes the parent virus that resembles our system files.

* Record the presence of virus in a paper.

* If you already know whereabouts you live but remember to delete the virus is usually hidden Mamak therefore you should bring it in Folder Options, must dah tau semuakan ....? For example in C: / Windows/System32.

* Where's the delete, anak2 Now we remove it ... How to search aja as illustrated below.

* Before setting dolo Oia in Folder Options to see that extension can we distinguish the virus or not. The virus is usually just like we have Folder2 example You Have a folder with the name of important data of the virus ever be changed Extension Penting.exe objective data that you think your files are corrupted or a virus. That's actually a Delete Virus Anak2 aja ga worry but you are the original files are still there in the hide cuman.

* Once everything is cleared and you return the file2 is usually hidden by the virus in the following way: Go to Command Prompt and Type perintaih this is attrib-r-s-hc: *.* / s / d. Oia point C there is a directory of your hard disk but C can be replaced as D, E, F or so.


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