Wednesday, September 2, 2009

beautify tutorial blog...

To have your blog look beautiful and interesting to see, then you can put some accessories blog, one of them is to install the clock. These hours can be found for free on the site One example of the available hours is like the one my blog .........

And for those of you who want to blog in pairs at all, please follow the following steps:

# Please visit the site http://www.clocklink.comJika already on the site, please click on Want a clock on your Website?
# Go to "Clock Gallery" halaman.di there is a variety of hours ... ie starting from the Newest, up to Wallpaper.
If the taste has found a model at you like, click on View HTML tag

under an hour you like this

# If you want to display the city name, click the checkbox to "Display Name City." You can edit the name of the City later.

# Click the button marked Accept
# Select the appropriate time to place next to your TimeZone. Example: for the western part of Indonesia select GMT +7:00
# Set the size of your favorite jam next to size
# Copy the HTML code given;
Paste the HTML code copied to your place want. Done
Because the code at this blog is an HTML code, so for those of you who are still confused how to place HTML code on the blog template.

To place an hour earlier the HTML code on your blog, please follow the steps below ini.Untuk bloggers with a new template.
Template menu
# Click Edit HTML
# Paste the HTML code of your hours have been copied on this notepad where you want
# TombolPreview Click to see the changes we make.
# If it matches the earlier changes, click Save Template Changes
# Done
Good luck.


  1. Salam kenal sobat.
    saya ingin menawarkan kepada anda untuk berbisnis atau mencari uang tambahan lewat internet, meskipun hasil yang kita peroleh pada awalnya tidak terlalu banyak tapi jika anda benar-benar berniat melakukannya maka hasil yang dapat kita peroleh bisa mencapai puluhan bahkan ratusan juta. Bila anda berminat, maka lakukan promosi dengan cara yang saya lakukan. Tapi bila anda terganggu dengan komentar saya, silahkan delete saja.
    silahkan klik link dibawah ini jika anda berminat