Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tips for Caring Strategies For Long-lasting Printer Cartridges

The printer is an important item. Without our printers can not print the results of our work. But printers are often overlooked for its maintenance. Here are some tips for caring for inkjet printer cartridges for durable and can still be used in the long term.

1. If the ink in the cartridge runs out, get the content.

Ink is a lubricant for the printer head. For example, color ink still used though to be printed is black, and vice versa. If you print without ink colors, meaning you damage the printer head because of the lack of lubrication / friction when the ink while printing. That is the reason why some printers can not print if the absence of color ink even if you do not use it. If you let the color cartridge runs out of ink, the ink remaining there would clog the printer head and a long time will be permanent until the cartridge is not available. So immediately the contents if your cartridge is running low on ink. Do not be left too long or you have to buy another new cartridge.

2. Do not turn on and turn the printer off frequency.

Try to let the printer stay alive, in addition to not suck up much electric power-saving aliases also because it can extend the life of the cartridge. When the printer is turned on, the printer sends a signal to immediately replace the ink on the head so as not to clog. If you turn off the printer and the next time you turn it on again, then the printer will do the replacement ink remains in the head. It is a waste of ink. Some printer cartridges can hold 3-7 ml of ink, and when done cleaning, 2-3 ml of ink wasted. In addition, the ink reservoir foam will rapidly wet / full. And if the foam began to get soaked, then the printer will not print. Repair costs are more expensive than the price of the printer itself. Try to keep the printer and do not in-cleaning frequency.
3. If you are forced to turn off the printer, turn off the power button on the printer, do not pull the plug / plug directly. The printer will perform their own shutdown properly. Such as cleaning the ink remaining in the head and close it to avoid blockage. By turning it off via the power button on the printer, things will be done by the printer.
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  1. Learning ways to care for printer cartridges correctly can help avoid unnecessary waste. Ink cartridges can be useful even when kept for a long time, you just have to know some practical tips to follow.