Friday, April 23, 2010


Windows Genuine Advantage is the windows genuine validation features that will appear warning us of course if windows is not genuine. This feature will appear if we are diligent online, so the most frequent subject of this WGA is often digunanakan laptop to get online. If not online, then of course microsoft will not be able to find out if your windows is genuine or not.

I would like to share your experience with your friends about this WGA. Last year I hit the WGA shocked windows anyway. My desktop background immediately turned black, wallpaper not appear, and display a warning Windows Genuine Advantage. Understandably I was a nerd when it really, i do not know want you doing I finally decided to reinstall. And of course lost, but so bothered anymore because all I have to install the program again.

I thought by reinstalling windows then the WGA notification was no longer appear. Eh, taxable as well. No deliberately finding friends blogs I blog walking fitting finding tutorials. Pas-ngoprek ngoprek turns out there is something wrong. WgaTray.exe can not be deleted, wgatray the task manager at the end also can not process because if the WGA endprocess it back automatically.

Now, for the friends who have experience like me. Here's easy way to remove Windows Genuine Advantage, do not need to enter regedit, task manager without going, without download hacking programs that we need to do is rename the extension from wgalogon and wgatray and 100% successful dilaptop me.
Here are the steps:

1. Open the System32 folder located at C: \ Windows \ System32

2. Find Files WgaLogon.dll rename it to wgalogon.dll.bak

3. Right-click an empty section (still in the system32 folder), select New> text document and save with the name WgaLogon.dll

4. Find the file rename it to wgatray.txt WgaTray.exe

5. Right click on the blank space and select New> Text Document saved with the name WgaTray.exe

6. LegitCheckControl.dll Rename and create a text document with the name LegitCheckControl.dll. save it in your system32 folder

7. Restart your computer.

> klik kanan MyComputer >> Klik tab Automatic Update >> Pilih Turn Off" >Do not forget to turn off automatic updates>> right click MyComputer>> Click the Automatic Updates tab>> Select Turn Off

Tries Congratulations! Hopefully the WGA kenak no longer .........


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