Thursday, April 8, 2010

SignUp Now!!! Maintain your email and get PAID!!! get your $5 Singup bonus

Stoxem is one site that collects all the email addresses worldwide.

So join us and become part of our team ...

Just register your email here and if the email you are approved you will get USD $ 5 as a signup bonus.

As our team you will get USD $ 0.05 for every email address registered under your referral.
Everything is FREE, no money or payment is required at registration, on our team or when you retire.

How to register?
At first you only need to send your email.
  • You can list here

  • We will send you a confirmation email with your login password supplied. Then can start by entering your email and password to login. If all steps above conducted and completed, you are on our team now ...!

    We have two choices to make payment to our team (members):
    PayPal or Western Union Transfer
    If you choose to use a PayPal account, the minimum payout is USD $ 10
    Or if you want Western Union to accept our payments, the minimum payout is USD $ 100.

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