Monday, May 24, 2010

Lyric In MP3 Player Displays

MiniLyrics 6.5.280

MiniLyrics 6.5.280

You surely like to listen to music on a laptop or PC, you also would have loved to sing songs that you listen to it, although not all the lyrics of the song can you sing because you do not memorize.

MiniLyrics With this software you will be aided in your favorite new song to sing without having to memorize the lyrics first. Because with this application you can display the lyrics of songs on the MP3 Player is playing, so you can make a PC / Laptop you like in a Karaoke bar.

MiniLyrics 6.5.280 can be used in 21 MP3 player, like Winamp, WMP, RealPlayer, VLC, JetAudio, and still bnyak again.

Besides displaying the lyrics like the picture above, MiniLyrics can also display the lyrics with Folating mode, ie mode which displays the lyrics are only in the singing at the time, this mode is perfect for karaoke.

Not all songs have lyrics except for the original song aka not pirated, but just calm down minilyrcs been providing search features, so if you do not have the lyrics of the song you just click the search button with the magnifying glass icon (magnifying glass), then you input the name of its artist and title then click on search him, then will appear and select the appropriate lyrics. To enjoy these features you need in a state connected to the Internet.

If the lyrics do not fit with the song, such as speed or slowness, you also slide menkan arrange it with the arrow keys on the normal mode.

MiniLyrics 6.5.280 to download this please you click the download link below ..




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