Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Being Changed XP Mac OS X Leopard

Many people ask / request me to post the theme for windows xp, but here I will provide more than just a theme, namely Transformation Pack.

Maybe you still do not know much, or wondering what the difference between a theme with Transformation Pack, I would be a little explaining. Theme was usually change the view from the window - the window only, whereas more complete Transformation Pack not only view, almost all changed.

With Mac OS Leopard Transformation Pack, you will feel like the look of the original appearance of the Mac OS. Starting from the cursor, menus, folders, and others.

So you do not need to isntal one by one to have the look like Leopard, you just need to install one application, then stay wait and restart the PC, Auto PC you will immediately have a different view.

Windows XP will display will change to look like the picture above, if you are already bored with the standard XP look, while you want to have a different look, like this Leopard appearance.

You do not bother, let alone replace your PC, only to have the Leopard look, you just install this application, and see the appearance of your new windows xp.

If you want to restore to the beginning, you lived unisntal this application, it will automatically return to the display before this software was installed. To be more safe anymore, you can create a restore point prior to this application installed.

Okay to download Mac OS X Leopard BricoPack, please you click the download link below ...


  1. ok tak coba tampilannya dulu ya..........tapi aku salut ...