Saturday, January 8, 2011

paid dollars chat

Chatting Indonesia who paid money. Maybe bro cariIndonesia chat room on an overseas website? Here the place, because in addition to chatting with joy and fun, also paid via paypal you know bro

Screenshot sightings

chatnya site

Well, to join bro baseball can simply register on the site Birejji (Cobain deh if baseball believe open, bro must apply through the URL that introduce Birejji to bro (Here it is delicious). Okay, to register please click banner below

Once signed up to go to the room where the Indonesian people gather to chat, click on "travel" in the lower left of the account bro.

Remember, bro get money from the pot, the bigger the pot the bigger the value of income per chat bro. Income will be paid if it reaches 25cent or about $ 0.25 ... if you want to join click thebanner below ...

ok gan greeting action


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