Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OpenGL Configuration in Ms.. Visual C + + 6.0,

After installation Ms.Visual C + + 6.0, then the next step that is required OpenGL configuration computer to be able to create graphical programs in C + + 6.0 Ms.Visual. Important files required for installation of OpenGL are as follows:

1. glut.h
2. glut32.lib
3. glut32.dll

The following configuration steps on Ms.Visual OpenGL C + + 6.0:

  1. Copylah or add glut32.dll files in the directory C: \ WINDOWS \ system. As the following figure:
  2. or add glut.h header files in the directory C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftVisual Studio\VC98\Include\GL. As the following figure:
3. Copylah or add glut32.lib library files in the directory C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Visual Studio \ VC98 \ Lib. As the following figure:

4. OpenGL configuration finished, and you're ready to make a graphics program on Ms.Visual C + + 6.0.
if no OpenGL you can download here


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