Sunday, September 26, 2010

contoh program Select Case pada vb6.0

- Open the program vb6.0
- Then create a new project just by clicking File, New Project, Select Standard, then OK
- Prepare a TextBox and 3 command button, then delete the text in the TextBox and change the name of a command button in accordance with the wishes in the Properties window

Then type the following script in a command button

Private Sub CmdNamaBulan_Click()

Dim sBulan As String

Select Case Val(Text1.Text)

Case 1

sBulan = "Januari"

Case 2

sBulan = "Februari"

Case 3

sBulan = "Maret"

Case 4

sBulan = "April"

Case 5

sBulan = "Mei"

Case 6

sBulan = "Juni"

Case 7

sBulan = "Juli"

Case 8

sBulan = "Agustus"

Case 9

sBulan = "September"

Case 10

sBulan = "Oktober"

Case 11

sBulan = "November"

Case 12

sBulan = "Desember"

End Select

MsgBox "Bulan " & sBulan, vbOKOnly, "Bulan"

End Sub

Private Sub CmdClear_Click()

Text1.Text = ""


End Sub

Private Sub CmdExit_Click()

Unload Me

End Sub

- Then run the program by way of the Run> Start or press F5

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