Friday, September 17, 2010

Tips to Prevent Exploding Laptop Batteries

Exploding laptop incident is common. To mendegah for laptop batteries do not explode and cause harm, the things you should consider the following:

  1. If the battery is weak and the period of operation is reduced drastically, you better directly buy a new battery. Do not try to fix the battery that is damaged to use again.
  2. Always make sure you use the original battery from an authorized reseller. If the original battery that exploded just a lot, especially with counterfeit batteries.
  3. Do not recharge your battery more than 8 hours. Recharge the battery for too long likely to cause an explosion.
  4. If the battery is full when refilled, select a course, use electric or battery power when you want to use a laptop.
  5. Wear charger charger compatible with your battery. Charger inappropriate will increase the risk of overheating (too hot).
  6. Do not place the laptop in a very hot area, for example in the trunk or under the blazing sun.
  7. Always follow the development of technology news, such as online news sites. Usually, if there is a problem in laptop batteries, laptop vendors will conduct large-scale withdrawal. If by chance your laptop problem, you can follow the procedure prescribed. such as battery exchange


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