Friday, September 24, 2010

Make Windows XP Genuine Being

It must be windows xp that you wear when it is pirated software, including myself hehehe. Maybe you are not using Windows XP kepikiran to original / genuine, but I'll share a little key that will make your Windows XP into Genuine / original.

It sounds a bit impossible, but this I have proved myself, its use was easy you just select the key that I give, and run / double click the key and in a flash of Windows XP you will become genuine.

Maybe some of you are already familiar with the above picture, the picture is a warning message from windows that your WindowsXP pirated. Usually this message appears after you update your windows, or you forgot to turn off automatic update.

The message will not go away until you replace with the original or one-way streets - only to reinstall your WindowsXP. But with a key that I give you do not have to bother - bother reinstall just because of this message, you do only use one key that I have provided and the message will disappear by itself. I myself have tried to neighboring computer that gets the message.

After you use the key that is given you please check with the "Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool.exe" contained in the file that you downloaded. Make sure there are the words "Genuine" in green like the picture below ..

Not like me giving away the software to you, this time I can only give in saying Tips and Trick. But for me it is very important, because many people who have received the warning message directly to reinstall the computer.

Hopefully my posting this time to benefit the faithful visitors TIPS TRICKS, 2010, all right to download the Genuine Key WindowsXP download please click the link below ..




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