Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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You will be able to multiply your income by working at home. Our members earn points for every activity they do on the site then after 24 hours all their points are converted into real cash. We have 7 ways for you to make money in this site:

  1. Earn money by viewing advertisements.

  2. Earn money by sharing videos, blogs, photos and music.

  3. Earn 25% of your referrals earnings for life.

  4. Earn $5 for every 1000 unique visitors that view your content such as your videos, blogs, photos, audio and profile.

  5. Add your own advert around all your Daceband content and earn 100% of the Ad revenue.

  6. Sell your music/audio for free.

  7. Earn 10% commission each time your referrals advertise on Daceband.

We pay you instantly via Paypal or Alertpay when you reach the minimum threshold of $5.00

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:ngacir:Every single point is worth between $0.01 and $0.0001


  1. bisa nih digunakan untuk menambah dollar