Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Come join it Trekpay is PTC or Paid To Click PTC of the many that circulate in this virtual universe, which slightly concerns me is a unique system, we have only to click the ads on the site trekpay then we are given points between 1 to 3 points depending advetisernya.

Every day there are 16 ads that we may click, PTC generally give 30 seconds for each trekpay iklanya but this is not the case, we can perform a fraud or together.

For those who like click fraud mending join here because the fraud here instead is recommended. Points will be converted into dollars every Thursday. I had time to see the credit / points that suddenly disappeared, but after check in earning the status of already converted to dollars.

Tips to optimize Trekpay to receive $ 20 per week:
On each day by logging in and browsing in Trekpay (1 × 24 hours)
Find referrals as much as possible, the more referrals the more credit to be given by Trekpay
Promote your referral link Trekpay sekomplit as interesting and perhaps, to entice readers to join

Come join it here or click the banner below, Register Free..

Oh yes, payment is made via paypal each of us reach the limit of $ 5.5. So if you do not have a paypal account, Register first wrote HERE


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